October Glory Maple Tree Pros And Cons

October Glory is extremely cold hardy it can grow all the way up to zone three and then down to zone 8.

Pro: Size

October glory is listed on almost all websites forty to fifty feet tall and thirty feet wide. It’s almost certainly going to outgrow that in some length of time. It’s probably so far out in the distance, it’s just not something to worry about. But it surprised me if this thing stopped at fifty feet or thirty feet in width.

Red maples are pretty fast growing once established we may get as much as two to three feet of growth out of these in a single season.

Pro: Sunlight requirement

In order to keep its best shape, a red maple would definitely like to be in the full sun. They would take some light shade but they can end up stretching out and have a much thinner canopy in any deep shade.

Because of the size and the rate of growth of October Glory, this is really going to be primarily used as a shade tree.

Con: Roots

I don’t think this is a great choice if you have a very small lot of maples that end up with surface roots. This can be an issue and in a small light situation, it’s gonna have to be near your driveway near the road or near a sidewalk. And a lot of times when the roots meet resistance on these red maples I’ve observed some decline in the top of the plant.

So they’re kind of healthy and happy until that root system and the size of the plant kind of outgrows a tiny little front yard space and so not a great choice in that situation. I think you’d want to have some space for this plant and you also want to have this thing mulch in a multiplayer going right up to the base of it.

they don’t play nice with one another at all so it needs to be like I say in a larger yard in a mulched space is ideal for these red maples I have four of these October glory red

Pro: Color

It’s just bright bright red in the middle of October for me and it’s really really quite stunningly beautiful.

Gravel mulch is what it is, but it’s keeping the roots cool on this plant frequently. You’ll see these red maples planted in a front yard grass right up to the base of them or some kind of mulch column buried upon them and that those roots stay way too hot in that turf and every single time.

Con: Watering

The first year your maples in the ground you definitely want to keep a close eye on watering it once it’s rooted in. If you’re in an area to gets normal rainfall this tree is probably not gonna die from a drought that’s probably not something that’s going to kill it. But what happens is these things leaf out in the spring and they’re absolutely beautiful all the new growth is beautiful on them. The stems are kind of a reddish color really beautiful plant all through the spring.

When it gets dry in early June and gets really hot and it kind of meets some resistance with the water disappearing in the ground they can go through a big leaf drop.

This is a tree that looks its best when the soil moisture is regulated a little bit so I drag a water hose over to this just leave it on a trickle at the base and just kind of flood the area around it.

Pro: Fertilizer

If you go through a prolonged dry period in the early summer the time to fertilize these red maples is in the late winter or early spring. Any slow-release fertilizer for trees or shrubs for outdoor use would be fantastic. Just throw it right around the entire drip line of the tree and it needs to be something that will run out in three to four months.

We want to get these going through their cycle of leafing out in the spring and growing in the early summer and then the downswing into the fall.

Con: Pruning

Not a lot of pruning you can do on these red maples. Once they get very very large you will have to take some limbs off from the bottom. When I plant the tree if I already know that a limb has got to come off one day I typically will go ahead and take it off. I don’t see any reason and putting energy into growing this limb out.

You need to take it off sooner than later because once it’s 30 feet tall it’s very difficult to do that.

Pro: Pests and diseases resistance

Really not a lot of pests on these red maples. I’ll see some leaf spot issues on the foliage if the foliage stays too wet or if it’s in too shady of space this tree is pretty clean most of the insects.

Related issues I’ve seen on these plants like mites seemed to really show up on the most stressed plants. So a plant that’s growing vigorously just doesn’t seem to have a lot of those issues.