Neon Pothos vs Neon Philodendron

Today I’m just going to talk about the differences between Neon philodendron and Neon pothos because as you probably have learned by now it’s kind of hard to tell the difference between the two.

Leaf shape and texture

The leaf philodendron is heart-shaped, they look like hearts. The pothos is slightly blunter.

Photos leaf has more of a texture to it. It has a kind of ribbing and it has a more defined midrib down the center than a philodendron. That this is much smoother on the philodendron and on the pothos you can feel it you can see it and it’s like I said before it’s a really defined midrib. There is the line that goes down the middle of the leaf and this is just a little more subtle.

That’s the difference with the leaves and also on the philodendron, it’s a little more exaggerated where that leaf meets the petiole and this is just a little more subdued on the pothos. So that’s the difference with the texture of the leaves.


The next thing we’ll talk about is the coloration of the two. So on pothos, you can get a lot of variation but generally, you don’t so much in the philodendron and the exception to the rule is the brazil philodendron.

Brazil’s philodendron has very defined a variation on it.

Another thing I want to talk about is the new growth of a philodendron. Not always but oftentimes new growth starts out as a little bit more maroon and then it starts to turn to the color that it wants to be.

I don’t know why that happened but this is definitely a deeper maroon green.

Also quite a few differences actually between the two the coloration of and it’s also on Brazil philodendron the coloration of the stems can be much darker and more maroon on these guys.

Growth habit

The internodes of the philodendron are much longer. They’re just generally much longer than the pothos. But the exception to the rule is that if you let your pothos grow in too low of a light area you’re going to have longer internodes.

Philodendron tends to have a little bit longer aerial roots and they also, form clusters and they’re a little bit more pointy.

Pothos aerial roots tend to be a little number and not as thicker.


Generally, the philodendron will live better. They’ll tolerate low-light better than the pothos that’s why I’ll often put my philodendrons a little bit further away from the window than I do with the pothos. I pull it too far away from the window I’m not talking about direct light I’m talking about medium indirect light into low light if I put these guys into low light they do not do well they really do want to have a little bit more indirect sunlight.