Magnolia Teddy Bear vs Little Gem

Teddy Bead Magnolia

A lot of people are asking what makes the newest Magnolia the Teddy Bear so great. Well here are some answers.

The Teddy Bear has all the best features of magnolias in one variety it is very compact with an upright self branching habit has small to medium-sized, shiny dark green leaves the leaf back is reddish-brown and heavily filtered the fragrant white blossoms are 15 to 20 centimeters wide a long and continuous flowering season helps to control the plant size.

It can be easily pruned to maintain a smaller size if desired.

The Teddy Bear will tolerate a wide range of USA conditions and can be grown in soil or in a container. Its dense foliage makes it an ideal hedging plant so who doesn’t want a Teddy Bear?

Little Gem Magnolia

It is a delightful native tree this is a cultivar of our native southern magnolia it’s called Little Gem and it’s

distinctive from the typical southern magnolias because of its size. Little Gem is a dwarf mutation of the standard southern magnolia and it doesn’t get nearly as large as tops out at about 20 feet. Spreads about eight to ten feet and that means this tree can be used in courtyards nearer to your house and other areas where the larger growing standard magnolias simply aren’t suitable.

Now look at the difference in size these are standard magnolia leaves and these are the leaves of Little Gem and you can see that every part of this plant is small in keeping with the size of the plant.

The flowers are a little bit smaller as well. But speaking of the flowers they’re beautiful they’re fragrant and they occur heavily in May and June and then intermittently through the summer all the way till October or November. More flowering than most of the magnolias.

When you choose a tree in the nursery choose one of these trees that has a nice straight trunk. You want one trunk nice and thick growing all that would give that nice pyramid shape you can leave these lower branches to grow. If you like them or you can take them off and raise the canopy to the desired height this is outstanding.

Tree for sunny well-drained areas. The perfect time of year to plant November through February.

The Little Gem Magnolia is a really hearty magnolia for the hotter environments, the desert southwest for example. Really nice deep green, glossy leaves all winter long, they’ll hold up very well.

They also handle our heat very well which is very important, you’ve got to look at the long term. But, beautiful big, white flowers to them.

They’re definitely a smaller tree in stature as compared to some of the other varieties, but that’s kind of the purpose of putting these in your landscape. If you have a tight area, a courtyard, a side yard, or a small need
for a small tree in a front or back yard, this should definitely be something you give a hard look at.

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