Dwarf Water Lily Care

Today I’m going to show you how to get the best out of your water lilies and correct the common mistakes that people make. If you’re disappointed in the way your water lily looks or perhaps has even died we can usually track it back to.

One of five main problems and the number one problem I believe is algaecides. The use of these chemicals in your pond more often than not has a detrimental effect on water lilies and will sometimes kill them. So try not to use them, seek out natural remedies like bacterias better filtration.

The second biggest problem with growing water lilies is going to be a lack of sun and nutrients. If your pond is in the full shade you can pretty well forget having beautiful blooms. But if you get at least 4 to 6 hours of direct morning sun and fertilizing them regularly 2 to 3 pallets every couple of months of the growing season then success will be yours.

That their problem is not placing them on the bottom of the pond. Water lilies like to be anchored to the vase in a pot and preferably surrounded by a thick layer of fine gravel. The lily pads are quite amazing you can place them underwater and the pads will grow to make the water level often in 24 to 48 hours.

The gravel also assists in keeping fish from disturbing the root zone. If you have big fish then you’ll need to place larger stones around the pot the.

The fourth main problem is working out when to divide your water lily. Usually every 2 to 3 years this is going to be required. The compact growth has resulted in smaller and smaller leaves and it hasn’t found at all this season, so this is a classic example of a lily desperately needing repotting.

Mind you this is best performed at the beginning of the growing season. That way you can see where the newest healthiest largest growing tip is cut it off pot it and just throw the rest away.

The fifth problem is a little strange people sometimes mistakenly throw them away thinking they’ve died. But all they’ve done is go into their winter dormancy. During that period the lily will lose all its leaves flowers everything will go. So if that’s happened to you in winter give them a chance to get into spring-summer. Fertilize them and fingers crossed they’ll be up.