Bobo Hydrangea vs Little Lime

Bobo Hydrangea

There are some plants that you just cannot talk enough about and one of those plants is Hydrangea Bobo. This is my absolute favorite hydrangea, it gets to be about three feet tall and about three to four feet wide.

There are not many plants in my garden that I will repeat to plant as far as the perennials and shrubs but Bobo has found itself in probably seven to eight different places within my garden. The reason I like this plant is that it’s very compact for hydrangea and it just has an amazing show of color.

I wish you could see the massive color this plant adds to my garden. It starts off kind of a limey-ish color close here and as the little florets start to come out they’re kind of nice white color. Then as the flowers age, they’re gonna turn into a nice dusty pink. So right now these have been blooming since probably the first or second week in July and they’re gonna bloom well into August.

Little Lime Hydrangea

This is a new hydrangea to hydrangea paniculata and it’s a dwarf version of Limelight. It’s called Little Lime and it’s about quarter the size of the typical Limelight.

A Limelight can get about six to eight feet tall maybe even larger depending on the growing conditions. But as you can see here this plant is nice and compact so it makes there a great little plant for around the home. And rounded acts something like that so you don’t have as much pruning.

It fits into the landscape quite nicely it’s got the same great colored blooms and they change to pink in the autumn that’s Little Lime hydrangea.