Mini Lotus Plant Care

Today we’re establishing a Mini lotus bed in our vegetable garden. In the US most people grow Mini lotus for the beautiful flowers but burners across the world know that Mini lotus is actually quite edible In Asia, it’s used widely both for the rhizomes as well as the seeds. The flowers and the leaves are also edible. You… Continue reading Mini Lotus Plant Care

Dwarf Water Lily Care

Today I’m going to show you how to get the best out of your water lilies and correct the common mistakes that people make. If you’re disappointed in the way your water lily looks or perhaps has even died we can usually track it back to.

Philodendron Lemon Lime Care Tips

Today I’m going to be sharing my philodendron houseplant care tips and tricks. Light Philodendron plants do prefer bright but indirect light. Tthis means that finding a place near a window where the plant isn’t going to receive any direct sun rays through that window. Is pretty important that’s not to say these plants don’t do well in low to medium bright… Continue reading Philodendron Lemon Lime Care Tips

Neon Pothos vs Neon Philodendron

Today I’m just going to talk about the differences between Neon philodendron and Neon pothos because as you probably have learned by now it’s kind of hard to tell the difference between the two.

Bobo Hydrangea vs Little Lime

Bobo Hydrangea There are some plants that you just cannot talk enough about and one of those plants is Hydrangea Bobo. This is my absolute favorite hydrangea, it gets to be about three feet tall and about three to four feet wide.

Chilean Mesquite Pros And Cons

Let’s focus on the Chilean Mesquite tree one of the most beneficial trees found in the Arizona Sonoran desert. Nature designed the Chilean Mesquite in a very unique way its small leaves minimize water evaporation and its root system is very special not only does it go out laterally from the trunk to capture rainwater. The tree has a tap root that goes 30… Continue reading Chilean Mesquite Pros And Cons

Magnolia Teddy Bear vs Little Gem

Teddy Bead Magnolia A lot of people are asking what makes the newest Magnolia the Teddy Bear so great. Well here are some answers. The Teddy Bear has all the best features of magnolias in one variety it is very compact with an upright self branching habit has small to medium-sized, shiny dark green leaves the leaf back is reddish-brown… Continue reading Magnolia Teddy Bear vs Little Gem


Hydrangea seeds will not germinate There are several reasons why hydrangea seeds do not germinate. Here we want to help you understand this issue because growing quality hydrangeas is the mission of our company. It is also worth mentioning that like any business we are always looking for new ways to develop. One of these… Continue reading GROWING HYDRANGEAS FROM SEEDS